Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shinjuku - 1/21/2009 Cont.: long cardigan, pncho...

Long cardigan
Cardigan-like poncho
Patterned items:

Floral skirt
Ethnic pattern skirt
Patchwork skirt
Check patten dress
Leopard pattern
Frillery skirt
Fur coat

Pale tone items
Boa items
Black and red combo.

Shinjuku - 1/21/2009: stadium jumper, long coat, riders jacket, outdoor clothing, wide pants, gown ...

Stadium jumper
Yokosuka jamper ( suka jan in short)

Rider's jacket
Wool rider's jacket
Outdoor look:
down vest and trecking boots

Down jacketFur vest

Wide pants:
carpenter pants
Long coat
Leather jacket
hi cut sneaker
boarder parka layered with check shirts

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Harajuku - 1/10/2009: wide pants, jumpsuits, beret...

Wide pants

denim jumpsuits
Denim dress layered

Enamel boots
Che Guevara (film) like beret look

Jacket with fur
Ear muffler
cat face bag
Duffle coat

Harajuku - 1/10/2009: outdoor look, down vest, down jacket, mountain jacket...

Down vest
Down jackt

Mountain jacket
Work boots


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