Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shinjuku - 12/23/2008: Cont. others

Ethnic scarf layered

Frilly dress
Enamel shoes
Animal print dress

Shinjuku - 12/23/2008: Combo. of skirt and leggings

Patchwork shirts and glove shaped pocket parka

Cat face ear muffler
polka dot skirt layered with fluffy skirt

Patchwork skirt and boots
Shiny black skirt

Crested down jacket with black skirt
Frilly black skirt and check leggings

Shinjuku - 12/23/2008 : Pea coat and duffle coat

Gold button coat

Pea coat with big buttons
Short length duffle coat
Knit duffle coat
Architectural coat

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Harajuku - 12/18/2008 : leather jacket, Floral pattern jacket, Patchwork skirt, bike ...

Leather jacket with shirts
Floral pattern jacket
Patchwork skirt
Kawaii styleBike

Lace-up boots
Leopard pattern beret
Clustered Pon Pon muffler
Leopard pattern muffler
Silver color shoes
Ethnic skirt with leather jacket
Bootie with ribbon

Dr. Martens
Military jacket with fur
Mods coat
Engineer boots

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Harajuku - 12/6/2008 : duffle coat, double rider's jacket, fur jacket

Duffle coat with fur hat
Double rider's jackt
Pea coat
Leopard scarf
Leopard inner
Leather jacket

Fur jacket
Enamel shoes
Stripe school jacket


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